ANNUAL GUESTS:  1 million initially, to more than 3 million within five years, with 80% expected to be from out of state.

CASINO REVENUES:  Over $150 million in year one, to nearly $450 million within five years.

NON-GAMING REVENUES:  Nearly $106 million in the first year and growing to more than $289 million per year.

YEARLY TAX REVENUE TO BRISTOL: $26.8 million estimated after year five.

EMPLOYEES:  From 2,000 during the first year of operations to 3,000 or more by the fifth year, and over 5,200 by year seven with a projected annual average income of $46,000.

WAGES AND BENEFITS:  Projected employee wages and benefits to grow from over $96 million to $145 million by year five and over $251 million by year seven of operations.

STATE AND LOCAL REVENUE SHARING:   Annual revenues paid to state and local governments will increase substantially from year one through year seven.

LOCAL AND STATE ECONOMIC IMPACT:  Growing from $567 million in year one to over $1.5 billion by year seven for local "Southwest Virginia" and $1.9 billion total for Virginia.

SOURCE: Proforma of Proposed Casino Entertainment Resort – August 2018